A little Brown Sugar!


We only use the best quality flowers and leaves. We do not ‘fill’ our Valerian with stocks and stems.

Valerian is an herb. Medicine is made from the root.
Valerian is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially the inability to sleep (insomnia). It is frequently combined with hops, lemon balm, or other herbs that also cause drowsiness.

Valerian is used for muscle and joint pain. Some women use valerian for menstrual cramps and symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes and anxiety.

As an anxiolytic, valerian decreases subjective feelings of somatic arousal; objective reductions in systolic blood pressure responsivity, heart rate, and selfreported stress in humans also occur. As a sedative/hypnotic agent, valerian reduces sleep latency, improves sleep quality, and displays comparable efficacy to oxazepam for insomnia.

Valerian is spasmolytic, vasodilatory, antiarrhythmic, and antidepressant. It can help to prevent development of the withdrawal syndrome from abrupt diazepam cessation. Valerian displays affinity for GABAA receptors and modulates GABA neurotransmission. It inhibits GABA reuptake, is a serotonin 5-HTA agonist, inhibits monoamine oxidase uptake, and has activity at adenosine receptors.14 Valerian requires repeated dosing for optimal effectiveness, but the exact parameters for nonhuman dosages remain to be determined. Herbal sedatives such as valerian may potentiate the effects of anesthetics, barbiturates, opioids, and other CNS depressants.


Valarian- A little Brown Sugar for those l’il buddies who can’t handle the weed.

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Valerian – a l’il brown sugar
for those l’il buddies who can’t handle the weed.

“Valerian in pharmacology and herbal medicine is the name of a herb or dietary supplement prepared from roots of the plant. Crude extract of the root is often sold in the form of capsules. Valerian root has sedative and anxiolytic effects. It can also be classified as a drug, since its consumption produces a sedative or medicinal effect.”

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A little Brown Sugar!”

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