CatDrugz Gift Bag


This bundle of CatDrugz will get your cat high – with CatNip – and bring them down to earth with Valerian – a calming sedative for anxious cats.

Both the herb form and the essential oils are included in this package.


Catnip & Valerian Essential Oils - rocket fuel for your roommate!
Catnip & Valerian Essential Oils – rocket fuel for your roommate!


The majority of “herbal tranquilizers” and sedatives contain the herb valerian.9 Valerian-impregnated chew-sticks and Valerian-containing treats and tablets are widely available. Treatment with Valerian, from the underground parts of Valeriana officinalis, dates back to ancient Greece and Rome.

Catnip, the ultimate feline herb, for centuries cats have been going crazy over this plant. It makes them happy and spunky, yet has a more sedating effect on people. Catnip has been used in European folk medicine for generations as a calming agent for body and mind. It is gentle and is very useful for children and infants with digestive or emotional disturbances. The essential oil has been used as a fragrance in perfumes, as a culinary flavoring, and more recently, as an insect repellent.


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Order your CatDrugz Gift Bag and get all four products:

Catnip Essential Oil – Make your cat purrrrr
Catnip Essential Oil 5ml

Catnip! The Primo Cat Weed. Makes your cat play and purrrrrrrr
Catnip 70g pouch  of Primo Cat Weed

Valerian – a l’il brown sugar for those l’il buddies who can’t handle the weed.
Valarian 70g pouch  A little Brown Sugar!

Valerian Essential Oil – rocket fuel for your roommate!
Valerian Essential Oil 5ml
Get your whole Catdrugz supply in one bundle.


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